Email Marketing
is one of the oldest, yet most effective ways of communicating. 
Tap into our 150M-Strong Opt-Email List with more than 700 Targeting Parameters!

Komodon taps into one of the largest, most segmented, and updated opt-in consumer lists nationwide. With these options you can segment by family size, location, ages of parents and children, households with elderlies, etc.


For example, if you run an insurance agency, you can mail anyone and everyone who wants to purchase an insurance policy. 

Pricing and FAQ

What will it cost me?

Your cost depends on the size of the campaigns you run, plus the setup costs—the more emails you send, or the higher the amount of emails you send. For 50,000 emails, you will be charged $1,000.

For 200,000 emails, you'll be charged $800 for every 50,000 emails.

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Is the list updated regularly?

Yes, we regularly update and clean our list.

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