Google Ads have the power to attract potential customers looking for your business

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Is Google Advertising for Me?


It is a fact that Google is the most dominating and advanced platform on the World Wide Web. 

Therefore, as a business owner, there are only two questions you should be asking yourself:


1) Is Google the ideal advertising network that suits my current goals?; and

2) Can my online funnel handle the traffic attracted from Google and turn them into paying customers?

Our experts will help answer those questions and
quelch any doubts you may have.

Pricing & FAQ

How much does Umbrella Local's Google Advertising cost?

Our Google Ads campaign begins at $1,000 for a minimum

3-months time period. 


The reason we offer a minimum 3-month package is to allow

us to optimize our campaigns in an efficient manner, leading to

a much better ROI.

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What is a marketing funnel?

Marketing is comprised of two major elements: Traffic and  Conversions. These are further broken down into different steps as well as attributes. For example, if you are running a Google Advertising campaign, you should ensure your website is prepared to handle all incoming traffic from Google - that's the only way you will be able to turn a maximum number of them into paying customers.

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